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John C Duffy

Statistical and policy consultancy
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Evidence-based policy in health, education and social science

• Policy development – use of evidence, recognising limitations
• Leadership and negotiation – finance, HR, politics
• Strategic management – achieving corporate aims effectively and efficiently
• Managing change – process and people
• Research – management, conduct, leadership, governance, evaluation, implementation
• Consultancy – commissioning, costing, negotiation, delivery
• Finance – transparency, accountability, sustainability
• Informatics and IT – knowledge, databases, systems and applications to real-world processes

• Applications of statistical methodology in a wide variety of areas from health and education to finance and process control
• Collaborative – multidisciplinary
• Innovative – world’s first application of computerised self administered questionnaire in a population survey
• Statistics and evidence based policy – health, education, social and political aspects
• Teaching, training and research supervision

• National and international networking at senior level
• Communication skills – written, public speaking and broadcast media
• Higher Education – finance, policy, principles and development

Phone number 07803582169