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John C Duffy

Statistical and policy consultancy
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Curriculum Vitae

John C Duffy

University Education

University of Reading M.Sc. in Biometry 1969-70

University of Edinburgh B.Sc. Mathematical Science 2nd 1965-69
(1st in class Mathematical Statistics 4)

Most recent post (retired 30 March 2012)

Deputy Director Knowledge Management Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council


Statistics, funding models, IT, corporate planning, records management, special projects, funds sign off.

Previous positions

Department of Primary Care University of Birmingham. Head of Statistics May 2001 – Nov 2003

Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of Edinburgh. Director of STATLAB and senior lecturer Nov 1999 - May 2001

Chief Scientist Office Scottish Office Department of Health. Research Manager (NHS Senior Manager Grade 7) Nov 1996 - Nov 1999

Alcohol Research Group Department of Psychiatry University of Edinburgh Director of Statistics and Information Professorial Research Fellow – AR4 May 1990 - Oct 1996

Inveresk Research International Full-time Consultant Head of Statistics (secondment)Sept – Nov 1988

Department of Statistics University of Edinburgh and MRC Unit for Epidemiological
Studies in Psychiatry Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Joint appointment as lecturer
and research scientist (Promoted to senior lecturer, 1990) Jan 1971 - May 1990

Group Technical Department British Steel Corporation Ravenscraig Motherwell. Statistician Oct-Dec 1970


Teaching and research supervision

I have taught a wide range of statistical topics at service, undergraduate and postgraduate level, most recently in the areas of Sampling and Simulation, and was involved in curriculum development and teaching on the Advanced Quantitative Methods postgraduate course in Social Sciences in the University of Edinburgh. I have taught service courses to medical, veterinary, biological sciences and social sciences students.

In both the Departments of Statistics and Psychiatry I supervised numerous short research projects on M.Sc. and M.Phil. courses and research theses for higher degrees.

I have organised short courses on systematic review (Glasgow Caledonian University, January 2001), Survival Analysis (Edinburgh University, 1996) and taught the bulk of the Revision Course for MRC Psych Critical Review Paper (Birmingham Medical Institute, 2001).

Major Research Grants

2002 Joint grantholder Effect of long-term acid suppression on gastro-intestinal malignancy: a cohort study. £152,180. Sir James Black Foundation.

2002 Joint grantholder Early Detection and Treatment of Adolescent Psychosis: a collaboration between primary and secondary care in the inner city. £282,421. North Birmingham Mental Health Trust.

1995 Grantholder of £190,000 from the Alcohol Education and Research Council for a project on development of standardised indices of alcohol consumption and harm.
1989 Joint grantholder of £500,000 over 5 years from the Portman Group to support research in alcohol studies, and my secondment to the Alcohol Research Group as Director, Statistics and Information.

Recent Research Projects

A missing data approach to performance indicators

Random effects in meta-analysis – an exploration of mechanisms

Statistical Process Control methods in education and healthcare




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Book Chapters

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Peer –reviewed journals

Lowe, R., Chung, C., Heim, D., Duffy, J., Davies, J.,  Pennebaker, J.  In verbis, vinum? Relating themes in an open-ended writing task to alcohol behaviours (submitted to Addiction).

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Research Reports

Duffy, J.C. and Alanko, T. (1995) Measurement of alcohol consumption and harm - a review. Report to Alcohol Education and Research Council.

Duffy, J.C. and Fossey, E. (1995) Control policies related to alcohol use - an evaluative review. Report to Alcohol Education and Research Council.

Fisk, P.R., Duffy, J.C and Burnhill, P.M. (1985) A report of the planning of the 1986 Large Scale (10%) Household Survey for Scotland (72 pp plus appendix, prepared for the Scottish Office, unpublished).

Conference Papers and Presentations (Since 1985)

CHINTEX Final Conference: Harmonisation of Surveys and Data Quality Wiesbaden 27 May 2003. “How can we use what we can learn from CHINTEX?”

Royal Statistical Society Leeds Local Group 14 May 2003. “Analysis of means applied to clinical outcomes”

Royal Statistical Society Social Statistics Section London 6 Feb 2003. “The effectiveness of social interventions” – invited dicussant.

Royal Statistical Society One-day meeting on "Performance Monitoring and Surveillance", London Jan 14th 2003. “Graphical Presentation of Clinical Indicators – Don’t re-invent the wheel”

INSERM , La Roche-Posay, France, 4-5 June 2002. “Meta-analysis of observational studies.”

STAKES Helsinki, Finland, 22 March 2002. “Random effects in meta-analysis - problems and alternatives.”

Information Services Division of the Scottish Health Service. Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, 13 November 2001.
“Scottish Clinical Outcomes.”

Preparation Course for MRCPSych Part II, Birmingham, September 2001.
“Statistics for the Critical Review Paper.”

Alcohol Focus Scotland, Consultation on Licensing Law, Glasgow. June 2001.
“Changes in Licensing Law and Alcohol-Related harm.”

Glasgow Caledonian University. January 2001.
“Systematic Review 2001.” (3 day course)

University of Oxford, 3rd Symposium on Systematic Reviews; Beyond the Basics. June 2000.
“A new Bayesian approach to fixed effects models for combining 2x2 tables.”

University of Cambridge, Dept of Public Health, Bradford Hill Seminar. February 1999.
“Bump-hunting: Modes, mixtures and alcohol consumption.”

Royal Statistical Society, Edinburgh Group. November 1998
“Health Services Research in the Chief Scientist Office.”

Institut Catala d' Oncologia, Barcelona, Spain. October 1996
“Statistical methods in meta-analysis” (5-day course)

16th Nordic Conference on Mathematical Statistics, Lahti, Finland August 1996
(with Timo Alanko) On a class of compound binomial distributions, with applications to consumption data.

Royal College of Psychiatrists. Alcohol Dependency Symposium. November 1995.
“Alcohol and mortality - the epidemiological evidence.”

British Psychological Society. Scottish Annual Conference. November 1995
“Alcohol and mortality.”

Glasgow and District Council on Alcohol. November 1994.
“Safe limits - do they exist?”

Scottish Council on Alcohol. October 1994.
“Alcohol and mortality - a brief analysis.”

Grampian Council on Alcohol. September 1994.
“Licensing changes and alcohol-related harm.”

University of Sydney, Australia. 26 August 1994.
“Alcohol, mortality and alcohol control policy.”

Edinburgh Science Festival. 13 April 1993.
“Optimal alcohol consumption.”

Biostatistics Laboratory, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. November 1992
“Random effects models”

Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge. October 1992.
“Methods of measuring self-reported alcohol consumption.”

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“Applied statistics: from social psychiatry to alcohol research.”

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Royal Statistical Society, Social Statistics Section and Medical Section joint meeting, London. 19 May 1992.
“Alcohol and ill-health.”

Sociedad Espanola de Epidemiologia, Madrid, Spain. 12 December 1991. (with J. Ballesteros)
“Mortalidad por cirrosis hepatica en Espana: evolucion temporal.”

Sociedad Espanola de Toxicomanias, Madrid, Spain. October 1991. (with J Ballesteros et al)
“Tendencias en la mortalidad por cirrosis hepatica en Espana: 1976-1985.”
“Tendencias en la mortalidad por cirrosis hepatica: una comparacion internacional.”

Royal Statistical Society Social Statistics Section, London. 4 October 1991.
“Single population theories and control policy: the case of alcohol consumption.”

Peterhouse Seminar, Cambridge. 11-12 July 1991.
“Alcohol consumption and the control theory.”

Alcohol and Health, Edinburgh. 22 May 1991.
“Alcohol and mortality: health implications.”

Social Research Institute for Alcohol Studies, Helsinki. 19 March 1991.
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Basque Government Health Department, Bilbao, Spain. September 1989.
“Advanced statistical methods in the analysis of vital rates” (5 day course – supported by an Elcano fellowship from the British Council and the University of the Basque Country)

7th International Statistics Seminar of the Basque Statistical Institute, Bilbao, Spain. February 1989
“Generalized linear models in epidemiology” (3 day course)

18th Medical Advisory Conference, Eastbourne. October 1989.
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“A comparison of computer interviewing techniques and traditional methods in the collection of self-reported alcohol consumption in a field survey.”

Centre for Health Economics, University of York. February 1985.
“Randomised response versus direct questioning: estimating the prevalence of alcohol-related problems in a field survey.”


I have been a member of the Royal Statistical Society since 1971, and have contributed to the Society as a member of various committees, (and recently Chair of the Social Statistics Section Committee) throughout my career. I have organised meetings and conferences of the Society, and continue to do so, having a strong commitment to its aims and values.

I was elected a member of the International Statistical Institute in 1991.

Committee memberships

Birmingham Association of University Teachers (Vice-President 2001-2003)
Edinburgh Association of University Teachers (Hon. Sec. 1978-81, Hon. Pres. 1982-85, 1990-94)
University of Edinburgh Joint Consultative and Negotiating Committee (1978-1992)
University of Edinburgh Senatus Academicus (1983-6, 1991-94)
Member of AUT Council (1978 – date)
Member of AUT(Scotland) Executive Committee (1982 – 96, 99-2001)
Member of AUT(Scotland) Council (1978 – 1996, 1996 – 2001)
President AUT(Scotland) 1988-90
Member of AUT Executive Committee, 1988-90, 1992-1996; 1999-2001
Member of AUT MRC Committee, 1994 - 1996
Member of AUT European and International Affairs Committee, 1992 - 1996
Chair of AUT Finance and Membership Committee, 1994 - 1996
Member of AUT Officers Nominating Panel 1987, 1991.
Editor, AUT(S) Profile, 1992 - 1996
Secretary, AUT(S), 1992 - 1996
Member, Advisory Committee, Universities’ Superannuation Scheme Ltd, 1993-1996


Parent representative and chairman of the Flora Stevenson Primary School Board, 1990-92

Member, Scottish Trade Union Congress Education and Training Committee, 1989 -1995

Highland Regional Council Education Department Mathematics Masterclasses Residential Course Inverness – teaching of masterclasses on elementary probability. 2000, 2001.